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There is a major change in the education system of India. High emphasis is given on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Hundreds of schemes and policies are designed and released by the Govt. of India in the same context. Campus Accelerator program is designed to match the contemporary need and requirement of the present era.

Some of the reference reading material is as follows:

Startup incubator mandatory for technical institutes in India: AICTE

Refer the official govt. link:

Considerable weightage is given to Research, Innovation and Extensions, which is 150/1000. Refer the official govt. link:


Out of that having an incubator and student startup constitute more than 30 points. Refer the official govt. link:


Funding from DST and Other Government Bodies

Startup Emporio will create a team of students/experts to help you guide and avail the best possible sources of funding under various schemes run by DST and other government bodies like MEITY.


TBI Setup and Inventors’ Village MakerSpace

Startup Emporio has a team of experts and consultants who can help in creating and submitting proposals for Technology Business Incubator setup. The programmes and activities listed by Startup Emporio is in-line with the guidelines stipulated by DST, MHRD IIC, ARIIA Ranking, MEITY and other government funding and ranking organizations.


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