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Incubation Support


(at various stages of development)

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Incubation support system is created within a college campus which provides a conducive atmosphere where small businesses can grow and prosper in a city or a socially backward place.


Telangana houses around 4000 startups and recently the state government has announced to invest 300 crore just on startups, apart from huge investment into infrastructure and SMEs.

In this context, the existing infrastructure of the college and resources are aligned to  support and motivate the young researchers, who can promote the commercial research culture through the strong venture of the Institute – Industry Tag for Make-in-India.

The external and internal network of successful domain experts, academicians and experienced professionals who can share their technical experience in harnessing the skill of product development.  The rich contact base of alumni of each college is also tapped to build the mentor platform for startups.


Both non- technology and technology businesses are encouraged. This, in turn, may help with faculty and student recruitment, and retention of graduates in the community. Further, it expands the opportunities for institute to partner and engage with the community for further development of rural society.

Incubation Support

Support extended to start-ups

  • Mentoring Support

  • Infrastructure Support

  • Seed Fund Support

  • Innovation Fund Support

  • Prototype Development

  • Hardware & Software Support

  • Ecosystem Connectivity

  • Learning Resources

  • Marketing Support

  • Testing

  • Exposure to Venture Capitalist

  • Branding & Go-To-Market Support

Benefits to incubatee companies

  • Startups can start their company easily

  • Can avail the R & D experience of the Faculty/ Researchers

  • Conducive environment for Product development

  • Can utilize the students work force

  • Motivating eco system for start ups

  • Good networking assistance

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