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Innovator Square

Incubator for the Startup Companies
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Innovator Square Incubator works both as a virtual as will as a physical entity which is established at college campuses running the Campus Accelerator program by Startup Emporio. The Innovator Square is also acknowledged as a fertile ground for early stage tinkering and innovation to foster the culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

In simple words, an Innovation Square is a community center, which supports not only the college students with bright ideas but also for any individual or specific group in the community aspiring to be an innovator or entrepreneur. The Innovation Square is supported with hardware & software resources, collaborators, and mentoring for the purposes of enabling community members or students to design, prototype and create products.

The Inventory list can also be fine tuned further in consultation with the college based on certain domain specialization like any specific technology, agriculture, health, etc.

Startup Emporio has come up with a very unique proposal for all colleges, where two (2) shortlisted business ventures/ feasible projects or even business ideas, will be mentored by industry experts, supported and will be exposed to the corporate/ industry and venture capitalist/ investors, the legal formalities for a startup, Govt. support etc. In nutshell, whatever support is needed from Ideation to Investor pitch, every support will be provided to the aspirants.

As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Startup Emporio, has started this pan India initiative. There will be no cost attached to it. 

Registration link for colleges and institutions : Application Form

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