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The Flipkart Saga

Launch: 2007

Founders:  Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal

Industry: Ecommerce

Estimated Valuation: $24 billion

The Walmart acquired ecommerce company Flipkart stands as the largest ecommerce platform in India. Today, the ecommerce platform has expanded its business horizons by foraying into the video streaming industry with Flipkart Video Originals.

Fact: The first customer of Flipkart was a young engineer from Mahbubnagar, Telangana.

Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal started out as an online bookstore that made around 20 successful shipments in its first year of functioning. It was not late before the platform started grabbing people’s attention that made it the top online retail market in history.

Visit their website here.

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